Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Hershey Bar Challenge (written by Blake and Sophia)

On Google Classroom, Mr. Salsich gave the class a project to work on. The project was optional, but most people did it because they wanted the Hershey Bar. Whoever answered the question properly, and first, got the giant Hershey Bar.

The question was, where did the Hershey Bar come from?

After submitting one answer, Mr. Salsich gave us more clues to try to get the answer right. To get it right, you had to point out all of the places where the ingredients come from on a Google Slide or on a globe in class. Take a look at the places we had to show Mr. Salsich.

We did this activity to enhance our knowledge of where the ingredients in our food come from. We also did this project to learn persistence and to be able to reflect on the multiple parts of the project.

We learned where the ingredients in the average milk chocolate Hershey Bar come from. By learning where those ingredients come from, we also learned about how the countries farmed those ingredients.

Did we find out where all of the ingredients in the Hershey Bar come from, or is there a secret ingredient that only the workers who make the chocolate know about?

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