Thursday, October 26, 2017

"Habits of Mind" Team Challenge

Written by Sam L.

Today we’ll be talking about our Habits of Mind Team Challenge. In our challenge, we had five challenges. The first challenge was to build a human pyramid with our group, the second was to write a group narrative on what would happen if Mr. Keith sat down in one of our classroom beach chairs (heh, heh, heh), the third challenge was to teach someone or master our class handshake, the fourth was to identify and sequence the plot events in a narrative, and the fifth was to watch and record notes of a “Habits of Mind" video.

Below is a slideshow of pictures from the challenge:

Here are what some students from both classes thought about the Habits of Mind challenge:

  • “I really like it because we worked as a team and we got to make a human tower. It is important because we are classmates and we need to learn how to work with them." - Seamus 
  • “I liked that we got to be active and work together. I think we did the challenge so we could figure out that when you use teamwork and cooperation and all the habits of mind you have fun and get things done. It is important to learn how to use habits of mind because when you get a job you will have to use them." - Palmer
  • “The 'Habits of Mind' team challenge was very fun. To me, the best part of it was building the human pyramid. My group had to use cooperation, creativity, and reflection the most. Overall, the "Habits of Mind" team challenge was a very good idea because it did teach us the habits of mind. It is important to learn about habits of mind because you need them in life, no matter what." - Blake
  • “I really liked it because we got to do fun activities. I think we did it so we could work together and learn at the same time." - Taya

I think this challenge was really important for all of us because it taught us the Habits of Mind and how to work as a team and cooperate, while at the same time still having fun. I think my favorite was when we built the human pyramid because it let us interact with some sixth-grade students.

The "Habits of Mind"

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