Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Our Virtual Tour of Machu Picchu

Written by Blake M. and Sophia M.

Virtual reality is a great way to learn (and travel). In class, we have been reading persuasive texts about Machu Picchu and what it could have been built for (a royal retreat or an astronomical observatory). 

Machu Picchu, in Peru
Mrs. Limberakis brought in virtual reality goggles to our classroom so we could tour Machu Picchu. We traveled all around Machu Picchu and saw many of the prominent sights around the area. It was breathtaking. Most of the time, we felt as if we were on the edge of a cliff and were about to fall down it. It was frightening! But we were amazed at the same time because none of us had been to Machu Picchu and we had an amazing view of the breathtaking sights (and the tourists). 

The tour also gave us a better understanding of how the site could have been used as an observatory (because it was so high!) or as a royal retreat (because it was so remote and beautiful.)

In summary, the virtual tour of Machu Picchu was simply awe-inspiring.

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