Saturday, October 8, 2016

Student Blogs and Commenting Skills

Every student now has their own blog! You can visit the blogs of Mr. Salsich's homeroom here, and Mrs. McGowan's homeroom here. (Links to both classes are also in the sidebar on the right.)
Two weeks ago, to get us started on blogging and commenting, we did a "Paper Blog" activity. Each student wrote, typed, and printed a rough draft of our first blog post and then decorated it with a border.

Then everyone walked around and left comments on the blogs using sticky notes. 

We talked a lot about how to leave a quality comment.

comment should keep the conversation and the learning going. We don't want to write "dead-end" comments that just say things like "Cool! I like The Red Sox too!" These are dead-end comments because they are hard to respond to and they don't open the conversation up.
Instead, we want to write "highway" comments that keep the conversation going and maybe take the post in new directions. Highway comments may have questions, connections, or suggestions in them. And they definitely have specific details and clear, correct writing.
Below are slide shows of some of the paper blogs and the students commenting on them:
Mr. Salsich's Class:

Mrs. McGowan's Class:
Please check out the student blogs and leave one of the bloggers a "highway" comment! We will be sure to reply back!

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